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Author Stephen Sadler and Wife Laurie Sadler

Futurist | Writer | Producer | Engineer | Inventor

Stephen Sadler was born in Nottingham, England. Apart from writing, he is the registered inventor for various technology patents for sports, education, entertainment, and engineering.

He graduated with a B.Sc. Summa Cum Laude from Central Michigan University and has been honored with awards for leadership and entrepreneurship.

Stephen is also a technology architect, engineer, and C-Level Professional. He currently holds the position of President/CEO of Intensify Digital, Chairman of Scate Technologies, Inc. and CTO of Monsterfoot Productions in Los Angeles.

As a writer, entrepreneur, and engineer, He combines his unique skill-set and experience to create entertaining content, incubate successful technology silos, and build strategic business relationships.

He also worked for many years as Director of Engineering and Automotive Design Engineer for a large automotive components manufacturer where he programmed CAD (CATIA) and robotic welding lines.

On a personal note, he is a father of three, husband of over 30 years to Laurie (seen above), former competitive bodybuilder, soccer coach, and an ice hockey player.

Stephen's Specialties: writing, entrepreneurship, engineering, BIW manufacturing, vehicle design, web technology, broadcast and narrowcast technologies, robotic automation & welding, software development (i.e. desktop, web, mobile), social media technology, web marketing, e-learning, search engine optimization (SEO), product commercialization, business strategies, patents & operations, cloud computing, TCP/IP, Linux, UNIX, PHP, Python, Perl, .NET, Java, AJAX, MySQL, LAMP, Extreme, Agile, CATIA, Animation.

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Stephen's Patents

2 JUN 2011

US/13/152,148 Social Media Campaign System

The present invention relates generally to social media systems and, more specifically, to social media campaign systems that can quickly and efficiently manage and coordinate media over social networks...

1 May 2008

US/12/150,876 Course Development Program

The present invention is directed to a method of operating a knowledge capture program. The knowledge capture program has the steps of starting the knowledge capture program...

27 Sept 2007

WO/2007/109269 - Human Vision Analysis System

A method for calculating vision obstruction, comprising the steps of: providing a data file having a virtual environment; providing at least one viewing area in said virtual environment to be used with an interface...

26 Jan 2006

US20080152239 - Image Compression System

Video/image analysis and compression systems are described, that can be used in conjunction with image, video, and/or sound files. A master image can be created...

22 July 2004

US/10/897,199 - Interactive Training, Certification and Development System

Training, certification, courseware development systems are described that allow an individual (e.g., a student, trainee or the like) to learn and/or become certified on a topic...

5 June 1995

US/5,573,155 - Backpack Assembly

An apparatus that attaches to a backpack to provide back support and comfort while walking and a seat cushion and back support while sitting.